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Is Windsor Court Assisted Living right for me or my loved one?

Windsor Court is ideal for individuals who still enjoy their independence but have some health concerns that prevent them from living at home alone. These can include limited mobility, vision or hearing impairments, mild cognitive impairment, or similar concerns; or those who need medication management, nursing services or daily observation of their health conditions.

Is living at The Windsor of Savoy affordable?

Retirement living may be more affordable than you realize. Speak with your financial planner, who can help you review all of the options available to you. There may be possible funding sources which will become available and costs and services which will be covered once living at The Windsor of Savoy.

Here are some things to take into consideration when calculating the cost of living at The Windsor of Savoy:

  • Housekeeping/Maintenance: Housework, lawn care and handyman/repair services are included as part of our monthly fee.
  • Basic Utilities: Water, sewer, trash, power and cable are all included as part of the monthly rental fee. You can choose to pay for phone service and in-room internet, though we do offer free internet in the common areas.
  • Food/Groceries: Your current grocery bill can be significantly cut while living at The Windsor of Savoy. In our Independent Living plan, two daily meals are provided by us. In our Windsor Court Assisted Living and Memory Care plans, three meals a day are provided.
  • Transportation: Your current transportation expenses can be reduced or eliminated. While some of our residents continue to own a car, many use our extensive free transportation service. Residents can utilize our buses to go anywhere in Champaign, Urbana or Savoy. There are also weekly shopping outings, dining trips and transportation to church services.
  • Entertainment/Activities: With our extensive calendar of events, some residents find they now spend less money on activities (such as gym memberships, fitness classes, concerts or lectures). Plus, residents have access to our weekly happy hour and the use of our private party spaces.
  • Your Income: While calculating income, all possible sources (such as Social Security, pensions, dividends, etc. ) should be included to obtain the most accurate results.
  • Your Savings: If you’ve been saving for your future and have investments, now may be the time to access them.
  • Your Home: You may wish to consider selling or renting your home. If you sell your home, your monthly mortgage and home insurance payments will stop.
  • Property Taxes: This is often an overlooked expense of home ownership. It’s another payment that’ll stop once your current residence is sold, if you decide to do so.
  • Additional Funding Sources: Veterans may qualify for the Aid and Attendance benefit. Long-term care insurance may also be available. A member of our leasing team would be happy to discuss these and other possible options in more detail with you.

Please note: Medicare and Medicaid will not pay for services provided by The Windsor of Savoy.

How do I downsize before I move?

We understand that downsizing a family home and planning a move can be overwhelming and stressful, so we are here to help. Contact the leasing team at The Windsor of Savoy for more information on local resources, including donation and consignment options, estate sale companies, professional organizers and moving managers. If you’re looking for helpful tips on downsizing, decluttering and getting ready to move, click here for our Moving Tips.

How do I talk to my loved one about retirement living?

If you believe the time is right to discuss retirement living options with your loved one, there are ways to ensure you have a productive discussion. For many people, this discussion may be difficult to start or to even accept, so it may help to remember that your goal is for the person you love to be safe, comfortable and free to enjoy their life in a safe and caring community.
Before any productive discussion, start by identifying your known facts, questions and goals. When you begin the discussion, do so with the intention of listening with empathy as well as clearly stating your positions. Finally, you’ll want to follow up afterward to make sure that everyone understands each other and knows what the next steps are.

If you would like more information about having this discussion, click here for our guide.

We’re Excited to Welcome You Home

We welcome the opportunity to introduce you to the many independent and assisted living options available at The Windsor of Savoy.

For more personalized information or to schedule a private showing, call our leasing team today at (217) 351-1437 or (800) 209-9887. Or complete a short questionnaire to receive a complementary information packet emailed or mailed to your home.

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